Considering my interest in feng shui, I still found new ideas, even new basics in this book. And all were explained clearly. I especially like that Prezio separated black hat feng shui from the rest and so puts people on alert that if they are going to hire a practitioner they should be certain of his or her training, mentors and practice. I also liked that she included the Chinese zodiac and that she acknowledged that one's intuition should be honored. Feng shui, after all, is not a one size fits all remedy. "
Carolyn Howard Johnson, Award Winning  Author and "Woman of the Year" in Arts and Entertainment, California

"Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster will intrigue, delight and capture you as you journey with the author through her knowledge and experiences where the price of admission is an open mind to not only better understand ourselves, but the metaphysical world in which we live forever. "
— Rev. Dr. Joanna M. Carmichael
Heart 2 Heart Creative Healing and Consulting, Inc."
Metaphysics, Divinity, and Medical/Holistic Health 

Hi Anna Maria Prezio, I just wanted to let you know that since having you on ParaWomen-Radio (to discuss Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster) I decided to Feng Shui my Fame and Fortune Sector or my home as we discussed and good googa mooga BIG things have been happening since! I was asked to be in an actual Hollywood Film, Whip It, directed by Drew Barrymore.  I earned 2 guest appearances on an up and coming TV show based in the Detroit area, The Midnight Hour.  It’s a Twilight Zone/Fear Itself type series AND my event, “A Victorian Haunting Experience” has SOLD out!  I actually added an additional date! I can only imagine what else is about to happen!  You’ve inspired me so much that I’m working on the other sectors of my home! Thanks for the interview and the life altering help!"

Amy Williamson, ParaWomen Radio,

I had Anna Maria on my BlogRadio show (the AARF Show) a few weeks ago. I went into that interview with a jaundiced view …. until I spoke with this lady. She was both articulate and quite professional as well as being knowledgable and sincere. . .  Anna Maria has something intelligent to share - if you give her a chance."
Robert W. Morgan, president of The American Anthropological Research Foundation … and she held my attention.”

"Anna Maria's easy-to-read book is upbeat and full of insights. This book is well worth the read. She mixes the old with the new in an intelligent way." 
– Pam Case, Chinese Astrologer and Intuitive